Safi launches first branded water station in the Gulf region


Featured , News / 11.18, 2017

Safi launches first branded water station in the Gulf region


The UAE’s first water company that recycles water for industrial and commercial use

Safi recently completed a full rebrand and upgrade of its existing facility located in Ajman.

For more than six years, Safi has been producing high-quality water from tertiary treated wastewater from the Ajman Sewage Treatment Plant. Among various customers who trust Safi are district cooling plants, ready mix, cement factories or hydrotesting companies that require a reliable source of water with stringent quality parameters and at a competitive rate.

As part of the company’s strategy to expand and promote its unique business model, Safi recently launched a fully-revamped and branded facility featuring innovative tools like a customer app to monitor live delivery time and water quality, prepaid cards or a public address system delivering automatically safety messages.

The facility boasts a shaded re-filling area with an organised queuing system and branded illuminated signboards similarly to petrol stations in order to promote the renewed trademark.

About Safi

Safi is a public-private partnership between the Municipality of Ajman, BESIX and Veolia. Established in 2011 in the Emirate of Ajman (UAE), Safi is the first company in the region that brings the concept of commercialised ‘recycled water’ fully into practice. Safi reuses tertiary treated water from Ajman Sewerage’s treatment plant and polishes it through ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis processes, with a daily supply of up to 10,000 m3 (or 2.60 million US gallons).

Among the numerous improvements and additional features, we are focusing specifically on improving customer service by adding 10 extra filling points to serve more customers and faster, thereby decreasing trucks filling time to allow for more rotations.explained Gurvan Dersel, General Manager of Safi.

The transformation objective is to change our customers’ perception of Safi from a process plant, to a water company with customer-oriented service. This transformation will also position Safi as a unique-branded company operating a water station, thereby increasing visibility and awareness of Ajman as a leader in environmental initiatives.added Dersel.

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