In 2001 the Emirate of Ajman had no sewerage treatment infrastructure. Through a combination of septic tanks and tanker transportation, wastewater was disposed of into an open lagoon. As well as creating many environmental issues (such as odours, traffic congestion and public health concerns), it prevented economic expansion of the Emirate.

With a lack of funding and a population dissatisfied with the current septic tanker wastewater disposal system but also a limited willingness to pay, the government of Ajman looked for a long-term solution.


BESIX Solution

BESIX Concessions & Assets partnered with the Ajman Government to design, deliver and maintain a full sewerage system using a PPP (Public Private Partnership) structure and arranged all the CAPEX funding. The sweeping scope of the service begins at the property connection and all the way through treatment and reuse of the effluent water.

Working closely with the Ajman Government and the residents, BESIX carried out an intensive feasibility study to understand the specific objectives and constraints factoring in environmental, geographical and social issues. Establishing a customer service centre and customer charter were key aspects of the unique solution to deliver all stakeholders a sustainable scheme

BESIX established three key aims:

  • A financing scheme which used 100% private funding.
  • A plan to install a sewerage network in a densely populated and rapidly growing Emirate.
  • A fair tariff structure to be charged to users, communicated and enforced with government assistance.

Results & Achievements

The Emirate and its population are now enjoying a modern and environmentally-sustainable sewerage system, putting an end to damaging environmental practices.

With a collection rate exceeding 95% and exemplary customer service, the Ajman Sewerage Concession is recognised as a reliable and essential public service which customers are willing to pay for.

The continuous improvement during O&M operations leads to best-in-class performance indicators in the sector and reduced operating expenses. KPIs relating to assets availability, maintenance performance, compliant influent and effluent are all approaching 100%.

To continue its mission to serve the Ajman population, the concession is engaged in a strategy not only aimed at expanding the network and the treatment plant capacity, but also at strongly supporting community care, customer convenience and environmental preservation initiatives.

Future developments include recycling of up to 100% of treated water for commercial, irrigation and landscaping purposes, as well as focusing on biogas and sludge valorisation, thereby continuing to create a greener Ajman without the need for public sector funding.

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