Partnership Solutions

From design to operations, BESIX Concessions and Assets proposes to devise integrated solutions tailored to deliver the most challenging infrastructure.

Public-Private-Partnerships or Private-Private-Partnerships under BOOT, BOT, DBO…, from the early stage we align to clients’ vision and customise schemes technically and commercially to meet their expectations.

With successful references in water, wastewater, public transportation and many other sectors, we believe that partnerships are the key to deliver quality infrastructures benefiting the community whilst using each partner’s strength.


Why choose a partnership?

A partnership with BESIX Concessions & Assets provides a means to realize your infrastructure needs in a way that is financially and environmentally beneficial to all.

There are 5 key benefits to a partnership with BESIX:

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    Long term vision

    As an alternative to traditional procurement, BESIX considers the whole project lifecycle during the initial planning stages. With this particular approach, we propose efficient and sustainable solutions which provide long term benefits to our partners and their communities.

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    Assets performing at their highest efficiency

    Utilising the highest O&M (operations and maintenance) standards and leveraging economies of scale and scope, BESIX is able to meet and exceed assets performance on regulatory and economic objectives. With asset upgrades and rehabilitation, future investments for expanding capacities can be reduced.

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    No further financing required

    Through experience and strong relationships with both local and international lenders, BESIX is able to arrange funding and inject our own equity to finance initial investments, thus reducing the pressure on our clients.

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    Focus on your core activities

    BESIX manages both the partnership and assets allowing our partners to concentrate on their primary activities. Asset performance is reported on regularly. All stages of the process from planning to revenue collection are all managed internally at BESIX.

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    Recurrent revenues

    Through transparent reporting and accounting, the partner is always able to see current and future cash flows and revenues.

Typical Partnership Structure



Our Method

Whilst every project is different, our project framework and rigorous project management ethos, provides a safe and tested method to deliver a wide variety of infrastructure projects.

  • Planning

    Using in-depth field surveys and extensive desktop research, we prepare different scenarios that consider all aspects of the project: financial, economical, technical, regulatory and service delivery. Right from the start, we devise a partnership that shares both risk and benefits.

  • Design

    BESIX will deliver a comprehensive design of the required infrastructure solution. The partnership approach ensures that both parties have an interest to develop a cost effective, efficient and mutually beneficial design.

  • Financing and Regulations

    We work closely with our partners to establish project economics, legal structure and where required propose changes to regulation to ensure the solution is viable over the complete lifecycle.

  • Construction

    With a proven track record in infrastructure throughout the Middle East and beyond, our construction division brings a wealth of skills and experience in delivering large scale infrastructure on time and budget.

  • Operation and Maintenance

    Whether operating infrastructure of our own design and construction or taking over existing assets, BESIX apply the highest standards. We commit to placing the most competent professionals to develop and train new employees to manage the asset in an efficient and safe manner.

  • Customer Service

    Our expertise extends to the provision of customer service facilities for our end users through modern methods of payment and unsurpassed customer support. In addition we have provided education for the community about the benefits of new infrastructure to ensure buy in across the whole population.

  • Expand, Upgrade & Rehabilitate

    A key benefit of long-term partnerships is that improvements can be applied where new regulations, an increase in demand or improved technology occur. Improvements are proactively considered with efficiency and revenue in mind, ensuring that the asset is always performing for the benefit of the partnership, the community and the environment.

  • Reuse

    Where possible, we will propose the adoption of reuse strategies which can generate additional revenue. This can include the reuse of by products which have proven in the past to be beneficial from an environmental and revenue generating perspective.

Our Markets

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With a history of engineering and infrastructure excellence spanning more than a century, the BESIX Group offers a complete range of construction, concessions & assets, road, environmental projects and property development services with a large portfolio of projects around the world.


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