Manzil students visit Safi Water Refilling Station in Ajman


News / 04.19, 2018

Manzil students visit Safi Water Refilling Station in Ajman


On 17th of April 2018, Manzil students and teachers visited Safi in Ajman, accompanied by Mr. Habib Ur Rahman, Operation Manager of Safi.

Safi, a BESIX company, is the first branded water station in the region, recycling water for industrial and commercial use. Safi also recently completed a full rebrand and upgrade of its existing facility in Ajman.

Manzil is one of the GCC’s oldest non-profit centers focusing on social inclusion of persons with disability. Manzil students have the chance to learn academic, social & vocational skills in a mainstream environment. At a young age, this opportunity can shape minds and personalities of both those with and without disabilities in an inclusive & positive manner.

The students at Manzil produce decorative products made from recycled materials, for which they need a lot of water. BESIX proposed to familiarize the students with the concept of reusing treating sewage effluent for such production activity. The purpose of this visit is to show them that it is safe to use the Safi water by all standards.

BESIX is now planning to provide Safi water in the future to Manzil, to support their recycling activities.

Mr. Habib Ur Rahman introduced Safi to the students with a short PowerPoint presentation and video of Safi, outlining the complete water cycle of the Safi water and explaining how the water becomes clean.

The Manzil students were attentively listening, and were actively participating in the discussion on the water.

A short tour of the site then commenced, where the students could see the microfiltration and ultrafiltration, along with the reverse osmosis facility. The students were also able to visit the water filling points, where they could view a demonstration of filling water to the tanker, and were also able to experience filling the water tanks themselves.

The whole visit took place for around 2 hours and the students thoroughly enjoyed the site visit and enjoyed learning more about the water process.


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