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Moalajah is a joint-venture between BESIX and Veolia that provides a wide range of services in the sector of water and wastewater including but not limited to design, customer service, operations and maintenance.

Initially founded to perform the complete operation & maintenance of Ajman Sewerage, Moalajah quickly grew to become a recognized service provider in the region proposing its expertise to different clients.

Equipped with the latest technologies, Moalajah offers:

  • Pipeline inspection and CCTV expertise
  • Sewer and pipeline cleaning (using jetting machine, high pressure, eco-friendly combination tanker and vacuum machine)
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of sewer and pumping stations
  • Laboratory expertise (including on site analysis and inter-calibration)
  • Plant supervision and management
  • Wastewater GIS based hydraulic modelling
  • Customer case services (service center, call center…)

Franck BON – General Manager


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